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Insurance Transcription

Insurance Transcription

You cover houses, car accidents, and natural disasters, but this time we’ve got you covered. For 25 years, we’ve been helping Fortune 500 insurance clients capture recorded statements with verbatim-style transcription — a precise method that can’t be perfected by voice transcription software or overseas typists.

When your firm becomes a client, our experts will work with your team to create custom service level objectives. These SLOs revolve around speed, accuracy and security to ensure your company has an exceptional experience with our team throughout the life of your contract.

“We were very concerned about outsourcing our work because we need error-free, verbatim transcripts, but we were finding that our own word processors needed help in the worst way: they were super busy one day and sitting bored the next.

Bringing Transcription Express on as an overflow service provider has freed our people to do what is our core business and pass the things that bog us down on to TEI. Their quality exceeds our agreement levels and their turnaround times far exceed what we could accomplish. I have passed their name off to other insurance companies because of their extreme professionalism and excellent product.”

— Fortune 500 insurance company, client for 17 years

In addition to the SLOs, we provide a tailored, top-of-the-line client experience with three, key factors:

Account Management

We assign a personal account services representative to every account, so you always have a point of contact who knows your needs. Our general customer service team is also available during business hours, to make sure you’re able to get questions answered in no time.

Custom Contracts

We know no two businesses are alike. That’s why we can customize our reporting, billing and delivery methods to fit your needs. Our transcriptionists have the technology to process your recorded statements whether they’re in digital, video or cassette tape format. We also offer pricing that’s listed by the word, line, page, digital minute or project, and can deliver summary, departmental and detailed breakdowns of your billing.

When we send transcribed documents back to your team, we’re happy use the delivery method that works with your process, including online download, fax, secure email or delivery to your electronic imaging center.

Quality Assurance

To guarantee that the accuracy of your documents meets our SLOs, our 200-transcriptionist team is trained in verbatim-style and each one of their transcripts is reviewed by our Quality Assurance Team. We make sure 100% of our documents are reviewed and graded multiple times per month, so product quality is always consistent.

“Transcription Express has been the perfect partner for us! On the local level, we need transcripts back really fast, so we can publish the city council meeting proceedings in a timely manner. At the same time, we have a strict set of requirements that need to be met to keep us up to government standards. We love TEI because they never miss their deadlines and always deliver a high-quality product.”

— CA local government, client for eight years

Is voice-recognition software coming for the transcription industry?

Seventeen years ago, I wondered if technology would eliminate the need for audio transcription within five years in terms of verbatim style recorded statements.  Although we are working heavily in the area of speech recognition for some of our clients, it will not have an affect on recorded statements to any great degree at all.  The reason for this view is because of two shortcomings of technology and the one major issue of the desire to win:

  1. With insurance transcription, technology will not get in the way of recorded statements because of the unique person being interviewed every single time.  Although speech recognition can be trained by the everyday individual user (although I can’t seem to make it work quite the way I want it), it has no effective way to handle a unique person being interviewed each and every time.
  2. The other problem with speech recognition technology in terms of replacing human transcription is that it has no way of doing verbatim style transcription.  Verbatim style transcription is an art, and live transcriptionists are taught to remove their natural inclination to auto-edit when they type.  This is why audio transcription training needs to be so extensive and consistent grading and tracking must be done to avoid the transcriptionist from slipping back into their auto-editing, everyday world.  In fact, when I’ve seen trained transcriptionists from other countries that know English very well try to do verbatim style transcription for a U.S. company, it’s surprising because they do not truly know the nuances of our North American brand of English.  I talked to one high-level manager about their effort to take the recorded interviews overseas and it was a disaster.  They brought the work back very quickly as a severely failed experiment.
  3. Last but not least is in the area of preparedness and/or winning.  From what has been shared with me, a verbatim style transcript is not going away because it has nuances that can be used in the preparation of a claim and determining whether to spend valuable resources on the claim.  She said that at the moment when recorded interviews are taken is when the value of the information can be exceptionally high.  Quality verbatim style transcripts can be the key to their preparation, controlling costs and winning.  She viewed the recorded statements and verbatim style transcription as the key to saving money rather than just another expense category!

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