Absolutely! Our system is designed for ease of use. Using our online system, you can track the progress of your document through our system from upload of the audio, to transcription, to quality assurance and back to you.

At Transcription Express Inc., we offer three transcription styles that vary in cost due to the different skill sets required to transcribe them. You can choose the style that suits your needs depending on the finished product and what you will do with it. Use this list to determine which style is right for you:

  • Verbatim: We type every word and phrase exactly the way it was said, including um’s, ah’s and slang pronunciations.
  • Modified Verbatim: We leave out um’s and ah’s and correct the slang words, but do not adjust sentence structure.
  • Corporate: The document must be grammatically correct and ready for publication. We will verify any legal/medical terms or phrases.

If you would like to get rates for these styles use, visit our contact page and reach out!

Whether you have microcassettes or standard size cassettes, we are happy to transcribe your recordings for you. Simply call us and we’ll help you set up the mailing and processing of your tapes.

We can transcribe just about any type of digital file available, including, standard .wav, .dss, .wma, .oga, .aud, .mp3, and .mp4. If you don’t see your file type listed, just give us call, we also have the ability to convert your current audio to an audio type we can transcribe.

We have two methods you can choose to send us your digital files:

  1. Secure FTP
  2. Digital Transport System (DTS)

Both of these options are quick, easy, and secure! Once you have removed the audios from your digital recorder and are ready to send them for business transcription (for example), you can upload or attach your files. If you are using our secure ftp site, the files can be as large as 300MB or if you are using our Digital Transport System (DTS), we can receive files up to 250MB. All that’s required is a quick call or email to us and we’ll help you choose the best method and assist you in getting your audios uploaded.

We are able to return completed transcripts in as little as a couple hours or as long as five days, just depending on your needs and the size of the project or job. The price may be higher for those documents returned in a shorter timeframe. With a quick call to our office, we can meet all your needs!

We will store your documents and transcripts for as long as you need. Some companies require destruction and/or removal of all files within 30 to 45 days, others require indefinite storage.

We can customize our reporting, billing and delivery methods to fit the needs of any business. We offer pricing that’s listed by the word, line, page, digital minute or project.

Then, when we send transcribed documents back to your team, we’re happy use the best delivery method — whether that’s online download, fax, secure email or delivery to your electronic imaging center.

Your invoice can be as detailed or generic as you require. Simply tell us what areas you would like reported on and we can provide you with the invoicing and/or reports you want. We have a multitude of supplemental reports available as well that can break down your data in any way it works best for you!

Our digital platform has two recording options available for our clients depending on their preferences. A user can call into our dictation system and punch a simple series of numbered prompts to record their audio or they can use a handheld recording device or telephone to record and then upload the audio file through our secure ftp or DTS systems.

We provide every client with a personal account services representative who knows your needs and can ensure that our end product exceeds your expectations. In addition, our general customer service team can be reached by phone during business hours to make sure your questions never go unanswered!