Corporate Transcription

As a successful, 22-year-old business we know how many moving parts are involved in the day-to-day operations of a profitable company. That’s why we’re here to share the workload and take one more task to-do off your list. Our reliable team of US-based transcriptionists is here to help you turn company recordings and marketing media into typo-free written documents that can be used for press releases, board meetings, educational seminars, and more!

“When we first started getting our marketing media transcribed, we chose a company in the Philippines that said they could complete our transcripts in less than five days. Unfortunately, that was not true at all! It could take them two weeks to send our transcripts back, which threw our whole content publishing calendar out of whack. That’s when we decided to look for a US-based company that could get the job done in a timeline that worked for us. Ever since we found Transcription Express, we’ve gotten every transcript back in three to five days, which means we’re able to make our deadlines every time!”

— AZ-based health company, client for two years

Quality Assurance

Our 200-person transcription team is well-versed in today’s business terminology and can interpret multiple voices, dialects, and accents. Plus, our streamlined QA process guarantees a high-quality transcript that saves on in-house administrative resources and eliminates the need for extra proofing. We make sure 100% of our documents are reviewed and graded multiple times per month, so product quality is always consistent.

Account Management

We provide every client with a personal account services representative who knows your needs and can ensure that our end product exceeds your expectations. In addition, our general customer service team can be reached by phone during business hours to make sure your questions never go unanswered.

Custom Contracts

We can customize our reporting, billing and delivery methods to fit the needs of any business. Our transcriptionists have the tools to process your recorded statements in digital, video or cassette tape format; and we offer pricing that’s listed by the word, line, page, digital minute or project.

When we send transcribed documents back to your team, we’re happy use the best delivery method — whether that’s online download, fax, secure email or delivery to your electronic imaging center.

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